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Senior Games in North Carolina Promote Health and Wellness

Calling all North Carolina seniors 55 and older looking for some friendly competition and/or motivation to stay healthy!  Starting September 10th through October 21st, competitors just like you will be fighting for medals in the finals of the Senior Games in host cities such asRaleigh.

Even though you may not be in the best shape yet, wellness should be one or your major focuses during retirement – even if it is just walking to the mailbox three times a day.  Sadly,North Carolinaearned a “D” grade level for physical activity and an “F” for obesity, which is why it is crucial for today’s seniors to lead by example – for generations young and old.

Brightmore of South Charlotte encourages all visitors to our site to take up arms to promote health and wellness in our elder communities.  Become a supporter of your fellow seniorNorth Caroliniansas they refute the common ideology that once you hit 55, it’s all down hill by starting a exercise routine endorsed by your physician.  That way, next year you can compete along side those who’ve inspired you to be a healthier person and, in turn, inspire others!

To read the full article by Mike Gruss /  from AARP Bulletin / September 1, 2012, click here.